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3D Tracking

For my large model of a clock I wanted to use a 3D tracking marker because what i learnt from earlier project where if the user wanted to explore the model you would loose tracking from the 2D image, so to get over it I used a 3D tracking marker so that when you looked at it on a level plane it would still track. These would be ideal of an in store kiosk using foam cubes and tracking multiple models to it so it can be picked up and rotated.

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 21.39.45


Matching the Font

As I was wanting to keep within the Citizen brand I used my fonts to match the font for when I added text to the pull out and in the app in a GUISkin. They use a varient to Futura light for their main body.

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 20.48.30

Paper Watch

I looked at some designs for paper watches I came up with these 2 designs.


after cutting them out and testing them I found that as simple as the securing system was it was to difficult to assemble with the thin paper. So i went for an even more simple design with a just a slot to feed the paper into and it was held it tight enough to stay on your wrist as also easy to put on and adjust.

UI and UX

Since doing the YCN brief I’ve been trying to develop my ability to asses the UI and UX or and app. So I’ve been looking at existing AR app’s to guide my own. I found a big UI different between the 2 types of AR app. A “AR Browser” App like Junaio or Layar have alot of UI with a menu to search channels and stand-alone apps maybe for a single company tent to have very minimal UI with all instructions on the printed material.






















Texturing the Models

I start off with the intent to use procedural so I started looking to to graph networks in depth to see how you can build them up.

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 16.12.42

Here is one of them that I started working on. I built up a bit more than is show in this image. The reason I was I developing my networking because Unity does not support mental ray or v ray when importing fbx’s. After playing with this for a few days I decided against it because the resulting textures with out the rendering plugins in maya. So down the UV root it is. Because these are low poly models I thought the best way to get the most detail in them would to UV map from images of the watch’s and it came out very well i think.


In my large clock model I used a combination of UV maps and procedural textures with bump maps and texture files.


This is a free Unity sdk plugin that allows you to share screen video rather than just images, which is great for sharing an AR experience. Downside is iOS only but for future AR projects worth a look.

Marker-less Tracking

In this project I am using 3D and 2D image tracking but tracking of biometric points on the body is getting easier and soon enough we will be able to try on cloths in the living room through Kinect like cameras. These would also make great in store attractions. Here are some videos I found that show the use of tracking.

App deployment

I’ve been looking at different ways of deploying an App to the users. The easiest is to use the Play Store and Appstore. I prefer Android because of its simplicity, I have 2 android devices i can test on and not having to keep up with the Apple paper work. So after paying the $25 registration fee on the Android Dev Console it is relatively easy to submit your .apk for the Play store. If you want to sell your game its a 70 30 split of the retail. (Android developer console

Deve console

One of the issues I still have with companies advertising there apps is the use of QR codes. They are well know for being ugly and if your not using a Nokia with built in QR reader on the camera they dont really save you any time on entering an address or searching on the App/Play store. Not every one has NFC in the phones right now but they are on the rise and I think we will see them in all phones soon, If that be for paying wirelessly or linking to a direct download of an app. NFC can be used to make call’s, send texts and go to a direct link that could be an ftp server with your file on. Its been used recently in a Council funded project make by Bolser in beer mats to help combat drink driving, the patron pressed the middle of the mat and holds their phone over it and it will call a local taxi company for them. It is also being used by public transport companies in Leeds for downloading time tables.

NFC in Leeds

The one above is more robust for out door conditions but there are much thinner ones that I could consider with my magazine supplement. Such as these from a company called RapidNFC they do a HUGE selection of NFC products like Pen’s and Magnets. What interested me was the printed NFC stickers that can me applied and used to direct download the app to the phone for the user. They are slightly costly at 32p each when brought in the 1000’s but could be very effective.

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 15.32.23

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 15.40.38

Logo Tracking

One of the reasons I chose Citizen as a brand to use was because the logo works well as a tracking marker. Now that I’ve been working with AR for over a year im starting to get a good understanding of what is likely to track and what isnt.

Citizen Trtacking points

Posting to Facebook

For this app we wanted to be able to post an image from our app directly from. To do this I used a plug’in for Unity that makes setting it up a bit easier. After I set it up on the FB dev page I did a few tests with it. I could easily post text messages to FB and also images.

Dev FB

No background

After getting it to post I changed the default main camera to the ARcamera but when I did this the image that it published was just a black screen. I did some research into why this was happening. Using the “ReadPixels” method is supported by Vuforia for posting screen shots which is what I was using and the plugin was working as it did post. What I did find on the Vuforia forum that people were having similar problems when using a Samsung Note, the device I am using.

3D Capture testing

Originally for my FMP I wanted to test out 3D capture using images to produce 3D models similar to how they captured for Cyberpunk check out ( to investigate creating content for AR.
I started photographing a shoe and got varied results, The most successful was photographing it on newspaper. It gave a fairly accurate model but the the mesh for it is very messy and not ideal for modeling. But my main goal was to see if a character could be captured for animating. After getting an acceptable model from 123Dcatch, I decided to try with a human model, After getting enough pictures I put them in and the lightest of movements really messes up the mesh its creates. So I decided to try with a mannequin so that it didn’t move. I stuffed the sleeves with newspaper so that they stuck out and didnt move.And used markers to track as the newspaper worked well for the smaller models but the scale of the subject was to big to use news paper with.



This is the setup I used and It worked ok, I think that the colour and pattern on the jumper may have effected the tracking, the model came out ok I think to improve it I will need to improve the lighting and improve the tracking markers.

Test torso