Virtual store

Key Tree is hoping to make there online shopping more “immersive” by allowing you to walk around and view shelfs of a virtual store on your TV. I think this is an interesting idea for online food shopping. As currently Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda all have websites that are difficult to navigate and find the products we want, this is caused by the huge number of similar products the offer and also the average number of items you buy from them is much higher than any other site. Being able to see the products I think will be embraced by the companies making the products such as Hienz, Walls and others which have built up brand loyalty and many customers look for their logo when selecting items.

As well as this Tesco are working very hard in the digital market and are coming up with great inovations. Last year Tesco put up virtual stores on advertising board in gatwick that allowed holiday makers to browse shelfs and order a food shop for your return.



This idea came from their Korean half Home plus in 2011 they started creating virtual stores.


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