3D Capture testing

Originally for my FMP I wanted to test out 3D capture using images to produce 3D models similar to how they captured for Cyberpunk check out (http://www.behance.net/gallery/Cyberpunk-2077/6573211) to investigate creating content for AR.
I started photographing a shoe and got varied results, The most successful was photographing it on newspaper. It gave a fairly accurate model but the the mesh for it is very messy and not ideal for modeling. But my main goal was to see if a character could be captured for animating. After getting an acceptable model from 123Dcatch, I decided to try with a human model, After getting enough pictures I put them in and the lightest of movements really messes up the mesh its creates. So I decided to try with a mannequin so that it didn’t move. I stuffed the sleeves with newspaper so that they stuck out and didnt move.And used markers to track as the newspaper worked well for the smaller models but the scale of the subject was to big to use news paper with.



This is the setup I used and It worked ok, I think that the colour and pattern on the jumper may have effected the tracking, the model came out ok I think to improve it I will need to improve the lighting and improve the tracking markers.

Test torso


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