Storm Ventures

Ive been looking to how to get funding, if I needed it after university, I was looking at a new AR app called Wallit where users can post AR messages to walls that in defined locations all around the world. This app was developed by a post doctorate called Storm Ventures who secured $1.2m private funding. I found it on the website Techcrunch where is gave the new app a review but also has a section of the website call ChrunchBase with loads of great information about the company that made the app including, employees and funding. What is really good for my research I can follow the links and see where the funding came from and who else that company is investing in.

I found the investment company Storm Ventures who helped finance Wallit.

“We focus on incubating and early stage funding of extraordinary entrepreneurs. As former founders, we have operational experience and we work passionately with our founders in making teams and companies successful. We measure ourselves by your success.” – Storm Ventures

This seems like a great type of company that can help with investment as they step in at the early stages when you need the funding the most and seem to work with you rather than just poor money in.


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