Independent Practice – Rationale for Project Proposal

1. Name:
# Response
1 Daniel Holroyd
2. Dissertation Title:
# Response
1 The Evolution of Augmented Reality and Future development and Implementation
3. Project Proposal & Rationale

Your rationale for your self-directed project must include an overview of your area of study, why you are interested in it and an outline of the content you may produce. This is the first stage of the development of your project and you ideas may change as a result of further research and development. This is also where you should identify if you are working in teams.

You should also clearly identify how this relates to you dissertation topics and helps support the further development of your intended specialist practice.

# Response
1 Brief: Design two Augmented info-graphics for Defense Distributed. These will not be based on their “Wiki” guns but on current guns in production. In the APP ill allow the user to see what their gun looks like customized, changing paint colour and add on’s. (Red dot, Suppressor etc.) I propose to research into how AR is being to be used as an educational tool but companies for training and informing the end user. Big firms such as Mitsubishi Electric with meSync and VW use it for their advertising and user manual for the A1. I think that AR’s future use for information is only going to grow, I would like to use this module to develop an APP that demonstrates my ability to implement AR appropriately and consider my audience. One of the key parts of my abilities I want to progress this module is my UI design skills and allowing the user to interact with the 3D module. My client based skill set need to be improved if I want to work self employed or in a small team, so I have contacted Cody Wilson to see if he can give me live feed back on my design and development.
4. Please list a range of books, magazine, journals and web based sources that you anticipate using. Please use the Harvard referencing system.

Also state if you will be undertaking any primary research during this investigation phase.
# Response
1 Primary Research:- insideAR; Talks from VW and ME Research:- Jenn & Kenn Visocky O’Grady (2008). The Information Design Handbook. Switzerland: RotoVision SA. Kim Baer (2008). Information Design Workbook. Massachusetts US: Rockport Publishers. Cody Wilso. (2012). Website. Available: http://defensedistributed.com/. Last accessed 10/10/2012.

I got feed back after a discussion with Mike about my rational, He liked the idea and that when designing the print sheet that I should consider the branding of Defense Dist. and also my audience. After considering the work load we agreed that I would only create 1 of two as with building and animating the model it may take some time as well as doing the UI. We came to a conclusion on the UX (user experience) about using QR code that they are very pointless as you can type a url quicker than opening up an app to read to then going from there to the website. And they look crap. I need to consider the UX when design the UI and make it as smooth and simple as possible. Larissa Laternser from Ball Packaging shared her learning from some previous projects. You need to keep it simple as you have to consider the “dumb” consumer only have a 5 second attention span.


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