Researching funding bodies

As part of my PPP ive been asked to research into professional bodies and alike to see what services they offer and the benefits of becoming part of them or working with them. Ive been looking at JISC. They organized, fund and over see new digital technology for education. They research and give funding to education bodies that wouldn’t normally to be able to get funding. When it comes to funding they have boards of senior managers working in UK further and higher education. These experts determine our strategic direction and priorities to reflect the present and future needs of the education and research communities.They keep up to date with developments in information and digital technology to help the UK education community make the investment decisions that ensure they deliver the learner experience their students demand.

I was having a look around the website to see what kind of things they could offer me and found that they have details of free talk days at universities. I found a set of speakers that are talking at the London Uni on the 19th of this month.

I also found Special Collections using Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning and Teaching (SCARLET) this was research they have done into AR in education what is really great is they uploaded there time plan and findings in a detailed report that you can download.

This is great research for my dissertation so ill be adding a few bookmarks I think.

They offer two sectors to apply to if you want funding, Invitations to Tender (ITT) they are open to anyone to bid for a defined tender, including private organisations. Grants to UK HE and FE Institutions are only open to educational institutes.

Looking at past tenders in the ITT it is alot about infrastructure I dont think it is the sort of place I could look for funding.


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